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Problem-Solving: The Path to Innovation

Please join us June 12-15, 2019, for the 33rd Annual Educational Conference of the International Anaplastology Association in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! Each year, the IAA meeting provides a valuable opportunity to connect with colleagues and exchange ideas from across our distinctive and multidisciplinary field. In 2019, the conference theme focuses on the role that problem-solving plays in driving innovation in anaplastology. As providers in a variety of professional settings around the world, we strive to improve outcomes for each patient as we carefully craft solutions to problems from selecting the most appropriate materials to weighing the benefits and constraints of utilizing various technologies. These daily decisions to address the spectrum of often unique challenges we encounter as practitioners set the stage for new approaches and improved outcomes for our patients. We invite presenters to share their experiences with problem-solving (processes, successes, and failures!) as a means to inspire creativity and innovation in daily practice, strengthen cross-disciplinary collaboration, and steer the field of anaplastology into the future.