Membership Committee

The Membership Chair is appointed by the Board. This office does not have a term limit.

Membership Committee Duties

  • The Member Form is used to gather information from the IAA Members. It is considered the most current. The Membership Chair recommends changes to the form. If updated, this should be communicated with the webmaster.
  • Members fill out the form online and pay their annual dues. Members may also apply and pay by paper directed to the Executive Director. The ED needs to update the website or assign a volunteer to do so as soon as possible. This person enters the data she/he needs into the online database which populates the online membership listing.
  • The Membership Chair may request a detailed report of members at any time from the webmaster or ED. A summary of members can be found in the Online Membership Directory. Members who have not paid their dues should not be included in the Online Membership Directory unless the date falls within the membership drive.
  • The Membership Chair actively solicits new Members for the IAA. When s/he receives leads on interested potential members, an email should be forwarded to that person with a "subscribe" to the mailing section of the website.
  • The Membership Chair and committee is responsible for drafting documents/emails soliciting membership for the membership drive. The membership drive is from December 1 to January 31. Technically, membership expires on December 31, but the member is still considered current and should receive member benefits until January 31.
  • If a member fails to renew membership, the Membership Chair or assigned volunteers should call the member and encourage him/her to re-join either during of immediately following the membership drive.
  • Any questions about the IAA that are received by the IAA office that cannot be answered properly or apply to membership issues are forwarded to the Membership Chair for prompt reply.