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Posted August 29,

Company: Medical Art Prosthetics, LLC 
Position Type: Several opportunities available; Anaplastologist, Prosthetist, Ocularist, etc. 
Full Time, Part Time, Contract or Other: Full Time, Part Time, and Contract Positions Available
Job Posting Application:  E-mail resumes to Greg Gion at [email protected].

Job Description:
Maximum flexibility will be made available to highly motivated career practitioners providing services such as facial prosthetics, mastectomy prosthetics, ocularistry, limb prosthetics/orthotics/pedorthics, etc. for employee positions or contract partnerships in Madison, Wisconsin, and in other states. Employee positions and contract arrangements will be tailored to the skill set, experience, and location preferences of each qualified candidate. In general, the practitioner will be responsible for cultivating new and existing referral sources, welcoming prospective patient inquiries, and completion of full patient treatment from consultation through delivery of devices and follow up.

Skills, Experience or Qualifications:
Ideal candidates will have comprehensive skills in detailed fabrication, patient treatment, and management of at least 2 prosthetics related skill sets. (Examples: facial and somatic, ocular, mastectomy care, prosthetics, orthotics, etc.). A certification in one or more prosthetic disciplines is highly desirable. In lieu of credentials a portfolio of case results and/or recommendations of credentialed practitioners may be considered. Experience with digital technologies, website and social media design, and/or office management will be highly valuable.