International Anaplastology Association
29th Annual Educational Conference

Holding Hands to Improve Quality of Life
Anaplastology – Medicine - Dentistry

This year’s International Anaplastology Association Conference focuses on teamwork and collaboration among Anaplastology, Medicine and Dentistry.  Exchanging our experiences with our colleagues and speakers will be a great opportunity to learn new solutions to treat our patients with the up-to-date technologies. The social programs will allow us to connect with new and old friends in a friendly and warm environment.

Holding hands to improve quality of life through the concept of osseointegration is an outstanding program. The keynote speakers will cover topics related to facial and somato rehabilitation through art and science. Anders Tjellström, MD., PhD, former Professor at the Department of Otolaryngology at Salgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden will discuss the use of osseointegrated implants for craniofacial rehabilitation and bone conduction hearing aids.  Rickard Brånemark, MD., PhD, owner of Integrum, will discuss the benefits of using osseointegrated implants for somato prostheses. Ricardo Lopes da Cruz, MD, TCBC, is a Craniofacial Surgion with wide experience in complex rehabilitation through plastic surgery. Hubert Vermeersch, MD., PhD, is currently Head of the Department for Head and Neck Surgery of the Gent University Hospitals and Academic Departmental Head of the Nose, Ear. He will address the complex facial reconstruction by vascularized composite allo-transplantation: synergy between surgeon, anaplastologist and clinical engineer. If you would like to speak at the conference, please e-mail Dr. Marcelo Ferraz de Oliveira at [email protected]

The pre-conference workshop on Wednesday is a full day program that will give you an in-depth understanding using recent advances in colouring technology to produce facial prostheses.

The hands-on workshop sessions on Saturday, allow for in-depth conversations and training on topics such as ocular fitting, fabrication of finger prostheses using 3D computer technology, features of Pixelogic’s Zbrush sculpting software for anaplastology and the use of magnetic retention for auricular prostheses.

The post-conference courses on Saturday will allow you to get more detailed information from the key speakers during full day for the following programs:
•    Bone Anchored Amputation Prostheses
•    Osseointegrated Implants in Craniofacial and Hearing Rehabilitation
•    Craniofacial Reconstruction through Plastic Surgery
•    Complex Facial Reconstruction by Vascularized Composite Allo-transplantation: Synergy between Surgeon, Anaplastologist and Clinical Engineer

You'll want to plan ahead and prepare your poster for the poster competition. Your deadline to enter the competition is May 26th.

The awards banquet is set at Porcão Rio’s, at Baia da Guanabara, a unique destination overlooking one of the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, the “Sugar Loaf”. This “Barbecue restaurant” will be a wonderful Brazilian experience, not only for us Brazilians, but also for our friends from abroad who will be delighted with various types of meat being sliced on your plate. A meal to die for. Do not worry, if you are vegetarian, there is also a delicious salad bar and also a sushi bar, everything included. You can eat until you drop.

The conference hotel, Royal Tulip, located in the secluded beach of São Conrado, is a beach front hotel overlooking Pedra da Gávea, a stunningly beautiful mountain where you can hike to the top and walk down or fly down on paragliders. There is also a shopping Mall a couple of blocks from the Hotel, and the beach just across the street. Rio de Janeiro is a very exciting and lively city with lots of entertainment opportunities for everyone.

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